Natural light model shoot at Hallam Mill Studio, Stockport

Rebecca Amy

Yesterday I went back into the studio for the first time in what seemed like ages to take part in a model shoot at Hallam Mill in Stockport. What’s great about Hallam Mill is that it’s fantastic for natural light – and I just love working with natural light! Read on for a quick review and photos from the day!

I set off from my home in Leicestershire at around 6:30am to make the long journey up to Stockport in time for the shoot to start at 9:30am. Conditions looked good, with a relatively clear sky – ideal weather to allow great sunlight through the windows and make the most of the studio.

Whilst two of the models were getting made up, I ventured out into the corridor outside the studio with Beth.


After experimenting with a variety of shots with Beth in the corridor it was finally time to venture into the studio itself and photograph Rebecca Amy. For this particular session I wanted to make the most of the huge windows and black out curtains to sculpt the light and create wonderful light and shadow.

Rebecca Amy

After photographing Amy, I went back out into the corridor where Samio was ready. Again, the light was awesome and creating wonderful shadows as it spilled in through the massive windows. It would have been a crime to not take advantage of it!

Samio Olowu

After a quick lunchtime break it was back into the studio to grab a few more photographs – some art nude with Amy (which is too risque to show on this page, but can be seen in the gallery) and a bit more with Samio wearing a wedding dress.

Samio Olowu

Time quickly ran away from us, the day was over and it was time for me to drive back to Leicestershire. My thanks go out to our models, Rebecca Amy, Samio Olowu and Beth, Laura at LHD Makeup – and also to Patrick Donnelly for arranging the day.

More photographs from the day can be seen in the gallery.