About Nick Tsiatinis – Leicester Portrait Photographer

Thanks for visiting my site! I’m Nick Tsiatinis, and I’m a Leicester Portrait Photographer. I originally got into photography towards the end of 2008, when I bought my first digital SLR camera. Originally I was focused purely on landscape photography, and had no interest in portrait photography. That changed one day when I went to a photographic convention and found myself taking part in a model photography session with a portable studio setup. I was hooked, and from there I went on to have a real affinity for Leicester portrait photography and model photography.

My style is very much ‘creative lighting’ using off camera flash and careful sculpting of natural light after being inspired by and trained by lighting legends such as Zack Arias and Damien Lovegrove. What I use depends entirely on what look I’m aiming for. Have a look through some of my portrait photography galleries to see what I can do.

For someone who didn’t originally want to do portrait photography I’ve certainly been keeping myself busy with it over the past few years, with model shoots, corporate brochure shoots for companies such as Pantherella in Leicester and even being asked to photograph Dragons’ Den’s Peter Jones at his office in London. I’ve been repeatedly published and featured in magazines, including a shortlisting in the top 10 of Practical Photography’s ‘Photographer of the Year’ competition in the 2011 portraits round.

Marina Broadley

Counsellor / Leicester Private Counselling

What can I say! It’s brilliant. I’m sincerely in awe. I thought the photo I was using was good but your professional yet ‘outdoor-natural-look’ just blows mine completely out of the water. There’s just no comparison. You were so right about the whole process

I am no longer providing professional portrait photography as I’ve decided to turn my photography business back into my hobby, but I’m still planning on undertaking photo shoots ‘just for fun’.

Thanks for visiting my site, please stick around and get in touch!