Shelly d’Inferno Alt Model Shoot at Murder Mile Studio, London

Shelly d'Inferno Alt Model Shoot

Shelly d’Inferno in the Jail Cell!

It’s been a while since I updated this blog because I’ve had so much on recently, but it’s about time I blogged about a shoot I was involved in back at the end of May at Murder Mile Studio in London with the fantastic alt model, Shelly d’Inferno…

As I was already down in London after shooting a wedding the day before with my good friend Will Graham, we had decided to make the most of the weekend and arrange a shoot at Murder Mile, where we’d previously had great results, for the morning after. In hindsight, a 13 hour day the day before, followed up by a 9am start the next morning probably wasn’t the best idea, but hey! Joining us on the day was John Lovell, another friend of ours.

Will had booked a couple of models for us, one (who decided to tell us she wasn’t attending at 10:30pm the night before) and Shelly d’Inferno who is not only a fantastic model but also a really good seamstress, photographer, MUA and stylist!

Will and I arrived a few minutes late to find John keeping Shelly company outside Murder Mile. We soon got in, and being the resident lighting guru I got to work setting up the studio flashes in the first set whilst Shelly went and transformed herself.

After Will and John had got their shots it was my turn… Shelly was awesome, pulling off some amazing poses and facial expressions with real attitude.

Shelly d'Inferno on the chair

Shelly d’Inferno on the chair

After getting a few full body shots, I switched to the macro lens to make the most of Shelly’s fantastic expressions.

Shelly d'Inferno - Fierce!

Shelly d’Inferno – Fierce!

When I’d finished, it was time for a change of set, so we moved on to the jail cell. Again I set up a few different lighting scenarios, and when Will and John had finished I made the most of Shelly’s athletic ability to get the shot at the top of the page and this one…

Shelly d'Inferno - Climbing the bars

Shelly d’Inferno – Climbing the bars

Moving on to the third set (and by this time our second model, Cervena Fox, who Shelly had managed to bring in at the last minute had turned up ) Shelly changed to her ‘Space Queen’ look to pull off some fantastic poses on the bed.

Shelly d'Inferno - Space Queen

Shelly d’Inferno – Space Queen

As time started running away from us there was only a bit of time remaining to do a few shots with Shelly and Cervena – but I’ll leave those for a future blog!

More shots from the session can be found in the gallery