ERosanne Model Shoot at Smiles Studio, Lincoln

Following on from my previous post about Lena at Smile Studio in Waddington I’ve now finally got round to processing some of the images from the other models who were at the studio (there’s the drawback of a packed schedule!)

The first model I photographed on the day was ERosanne (or Ros for short). She was a fantastic model who put me instantly at ease and was on hand to offer suggestions and inspiration throughout the shoot.

We started off in one of the bedrooms of the old house. Due to the location of the room, and the time of day we were already getting some amazing natural sunlight streaming in through the huge windows. ¬†Whilst this made it tricky for the camera to work out its own exposure, I knew what I wanted from the shots and put the camera into Manual mode, metered off Ros’ face and then slowed the shutter speed a little more to overexpose the scene to my liking.

A number of shots were taken using this simple natural light set up, with a reflector being employed to good effect to bounce a little light back onto Ros’ face, nullifying some of the harsh shadows which had started creeping in.

In the afternoon session we ventured into the bathroom to try out a few shots there. By this time the sun had moved around the side of the house and there wasn’t much direct light in the room – so a quick ramping up of the ISO and a lens change to the compact 50mm f1.8 was in order. This was used in conjunction with my 5D Mark II in order to get sharp focus on Ros’ face in the below photo, leaving the rest to blur out beautifully.

After we had finished with the bathroom shoot we ventured outside to give Ros some fresh air as she’d been cooped up in the (by now stifling) house all day, with only a short parole for lunch afforded to her! A few photos were taken in the grounds of the house, making the most of the wonderful gardens at the studio.

And then to end the shoot, Ros changed into a really nice light dress and we did some really casual – almost un-posed – shots by some of the trees at the bottom of the garden. There’s just something about these ones that give off an air of complete relaxation to me, and are possibly my favourite from the shoot.

And then the end of the shoot came all too soon. I truly enjoyed working with Ros – a lovely model who knows exactly what she’s doing and a really nice person to chat to whilst shooting also. She’s definitely on my ‘must work with again’ list! Ros, if you’re reading this – thank you!