Nick Tsiatinis

The Royal Photographic Society Biennial in Leicester

My photograph ‘Rebecca’ is now being exhibited in Leicester as part of the Royal Photographic Society’s Biennial Exhibition.

The exhibition contains 100 photos chosen from 9,000 entries to the RPS Biennial competition and includes some truly stunning work.

The exhibition is on display in the city centre opposite Fenwicks now until mid August. For full details, check out the link below.

To see the photo (NSFW), click ‘read more’

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Why group photo shoots are excellent

EmmaLou Dynamo

EmmaLou Dynamo

It’s been quite a while since I last updated – purely because I’ve been keeping so busy, but I thought it was time for a new blog post off the back of a recent group shoot I attended / helped with. Instead of doing my usual review of the day I thought I’d change it up a bit, and write a little article. This one’s called “Why group photo shoots are excellent”. Read on!

All photographs in this article are (c) Nick Tsiatinis and were taken at Bodyline Studio on the 23rd of February.. Hair by Melanie Rhodes and makeup by Simone Cattell (unless otherwise specified).

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Finalist in the Royal Photographic Society’s Biennial Competition

I’m delighted to announce that out of nearly 9,000 photographs submitted by around 1,000 members of the Royal Photographic Society, my photograph of Rebecca Amy has been chosen as one of the 100 finalists in the RPS Biennial Competition. The final 100 photographs will now be printed and framed, and will go on exhibition around the country in 2013, including the Royal Albert Hall.

To see my photograph, and to see the other 99 finalists, read on (but be warned, there is nude content below)

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Natural light model shoot at Hallam Mill Studio, Stockport

Rebecca Amy

Yesterday I went back into the studio for the first time in what seemed like ages to take part in a model shoot at Hallam Mill in Stockport. What’s great about Hallam Mill is that it’s fantastic for natural light – and I just love working with natural light! Read on for a quick review and photos from the day!

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Shelly d’Inferno Alt Model Shoot at Murder Mile Studio, London

Shelly d'Inferno Alt Model Shoot

Shelly d’Inferno in the Jail Cell!

It’s been a while since I updated this blog because I’ve had so much on recently, but it’s about time I blogged about a shoot I was involved in back at the end of May at Murder Mile Studio in London with the fantastic alt model, Shelly d’Inferno…

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Corporate photography shoot for Pantherella Socks – AW2012

Scott Nichol Product Shot

Corporate Photography for the Pantherella AW2012 Brochure

Towards the end of summer last year I was contacted by Pantherella, a local manufacturer of high quality English socks with a proposal for some corporate photography. They were about to start work on their new advertising campaign and needed a photographer to get the product photography and lifestyle photography for their new brochures. Of course I jumped at the chance to be involved in such a large campaign. Read on to see how I got on!

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Strobeam DL250 – Portable studio lighting, even on a campsite!

Tony Pringle – Lit with the Strobeam DL250, in the middle of a campsite!

As I also like to indulge in landscape photography, I always make a point of heading out to Keswick at least once a year to meet up with some fellow photographers for a weekend of banter and photography. A part of the weekend is the traditional portrait shoot… and as I’d just managed to get hold of a Strobeam DL250 two light portable studio kit I thought I’d take it along with me and see what the other guys thought of it. Read on!

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UPDATE – CANCELLED: Heads Up! Strobeam Lighting Seminar in London with Jonathan Ryan

Simple two light setup with the Strobeam G5

Simple two light setup with the Strobeam G5



For those of you who have seen my previous post on the Strobeam G5 and DL250  and maybe wanted to get up and personal with these new lights, and have a day of great value training with a top instructor, you may be interested to know that Jonathan Ryan is running a new location lighting course in London on the 29th of April. As someone who has been on one of these courses I can vouch for the value. For more details, and to sign up, click here (course now cancelled, sorry).

Impromptu Off Camera Flash Training Session – Leicester City Centre!

Simple one-light setup with umbrella

After my exploits at Bradgate Park in the morning, yesterday afternoon was a whole different kettle of fish as I ended up leading a small group of photographers, teaching them how to use off-camera flash. Read on to see how we got on!

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Alternative model shoot – Murder Mile Studio London

Ines South on the Chaise Longue

Lazy Days

It’s been a while since I got involved in a good old model shoot, so when my good mate and Wedding assistant Will Graham decided to arrange a shoot in North London, I just had to be involved. An excellent day was promised via the booking of a really quirky studio, a number of excellent models and a few good mates of mine coming along to take part. Read on for more…

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