Corporate photography shoot for Pantherella Socks – AW2012

Scott Nichol Product Shot

Corporate Photography for the Pantherella AW2012 Brochure

Towards the end of summer last year I was contacted by Pantherella, a local manufacturer of high quality English socks with a proposal for some corporate photography. They were about to start work on their new advertising campaign and needed a photographer to get the product photography and lifestyle photography for their new brochures. Of course I jumped at the chance to be involved in such a large campaign. Read on to see how I got on!

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Portrait photography at St Dunstan in the East, London – Featuring Will Graham

Portrait photography - Sinister


I was recently in London to see a Wedding Photography client. Whilst there I thought I’d meet up with my good friend and sometimes unpaid assistant Will Graham and do a quick visit into the city for some impromptu portrait photography… 

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Frio Cold Shoe Review – Expensive bit of plastic or essential accessory?

The Frio Cold Shoe adaptor in all its glory!

I’ve been doing a fair bit of work for a corporate client recently (which I’ll blog about when the job’s all done) which has involved using off camera flash. Speedlights, Pocketwizards, Umbrellas, Softboxes – the usual sort of thing.

Now, what people don’t give too much thought to is how the trigger or flash mounts to their light stands – you’ll usually use the cold shoe (so called because it doesn’t actually trigger your flash) that comes with your umbrella adaptor or softbox mount. They’re supplied with it, therefore they do the job – right?

You’d hope so, wouldn’t you… Read on!

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Into The Light with Damien Lovegrove and Martin Hill

As ever so slightly teased yesterday evening, I spent all day yesterday on a workshop hosted by the super pairing of Damien Lovegrove and Martin Hill called ‘Into The Light’ which took place at Kingscote House in Gloucestershire.

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‘Into The Light’ with Damien Lovegrove and Martin Hill – Preview!

Just home from a fantastic day out with Damien Lovegrove and Martin Hill shooting natural light and big flash portraits. Full writeup to come tomorrow, but to whet your appetite…

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