Lena Model Shoot at Smiles Studio, Waddington

This weekend I was privileged to take part in an all day shoot at Smiles Studio near Lincoln. This post is about my shoot with one of the three models – Lena.

Smiles Studio is a fantastic old, massive house with many varied rooms, and is utterly fantastic for doing the style of photography I’m really into at the moment – natural light. Fortunately the day I was there just happened to be the hottest day of the year so far which meant that the light flooding in to the house was an absolute joy for me! Some people may say that the light was difficult to control – but a fellow photographer and good friend of mine – Mark Huddlestone – was also at the shoot and assisted me with reflector duties in order to make the most of what we had.

And boy did we have it good! The models were superb (and there will be more posts about the other two models I worked with over the next few days) and the pictures just flowed.

I got to work with Lena for a couple of hours during the day during which time we worked through a number of scenes and sets including art nude (which will be in a seperate post!), some headshots against a white background, a bit of boudoir, and some stunningly good natural light lingerie shots.

Lena was a star to work with, requiring no direction, but always following any instructions you gave her and it was pretty much impossible to take a bad photograph of her.

As is all too common, the time went so quickly and it was time to move on to one of the other two models – but I shall definitely be working with Lena again in the future.