Carl Spring – Zack Arias Onelight Workshop Attendee

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Caroline Yandell at the Zack Arias Onelight Workshop

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Richie Glynn at the Zack Arias Onelight Workshop

This is Richie, one of the helpful models at the Onelight…

Abi Amos

This weekend I took part in a lighting workshop run in London. This session was run by Zack Arias who is a very well known American photographer (and very, very talented too).

As part of this workshop, we got the opportunity to take some model photographs. This is one of mine. The model is Abi Amos, the lighting was a Nikon Speedlight, fired through a honeycomb grid. The background was a standard shipping container!

If you want a portrait session, and would like photographs like this, then get in touch and make a booking!