DaniMarie at Ariane Studio, Tamworth

On Saturday I took part in a group model shoot at Ariane Studio in Tamworth that I had arranged for me and a group of photographers from a forum I participate in.

The object of the day was to give lighting tuition to the guys who had not been in a studio before, and to give all of us the chance to photograph a model in the studio.

(More after the break – including images which are not safe for workplace viewing)

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Industrial Estate Headshots!

At the weekend I had arranged a model day for myself and a few friends from a photography thread I run. Whilst we were waiting for the model to arrive, we ventured into the industrial estate where the studio was, and I decided to try out my new 100mm L macro lens. The results were a little impressive!

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Laura at Hallam Mill Studio, Stockport

I recently had the opportunity to photograph the stunning Laura at Hallam Mill Studio in Stockport.

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Tony – Portrait Session in the Lake District!

This is Tony – he was an impromptu model at a portrait session I was leading.

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Ami Hannah at Ariane Studio, Tamworth

I recently had the opportunity to photograph Ami Hannah at Ariane Studio in Tamworth.

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