Portrait photography at St Dunstan in the East, London – Featuring Will Graham

Portrait photography - Sinister


I was recently in London to see a Wedding Photography client. Whilst there I thought I’d meet up with my good friend and sometimes unpaid assistant Will Graham and do a quick visit into the city for some impromptu portrait photography… 

Will and I are taking part in a fashion photography shoot in Central London in a few weeks and so wanted to scope out a few locations that we could take our models to. We started off at St Dunstan in the East Church Garden near Monument. The best way to see if a location will fit your needs is to grab a few photographs and see what works – so as I got my camera and flashes out, Will slowly resigned himself to the fact that he’d be modelling in the not too distant future 😉

Will Graham - Black & White

Will Graham - Black & White

This photograph was one of my initial ‘sighter’ shots. Using a single Canon 430EXII flash off to the left of me (to Will’s right), triggered with my Pocketwizards, all I needed to do was underexpose the overall scene to negate the 3pm sun, then the Pocketwizards controlled just the correct amount of light needed to illuminate Will.

The shot at the top of the post was the one which I finished off with – the light on Will was exactly the same as before, but I added a second flash to the bottom right of the scene, fitted with a red gel to add a slightly sinister colour tone to the gravestone.

Will we be going back in a few weeks? Now that would be telling!