How to use filters in landscape photography part 1 – Dynamic range and ND grads.

Part two of the filters tutorial, covering solid ND filters and the 10 stopper is now available here

One of the most common questions I see on forums from both beginners and serious amateurs relates to landscape photography. Most of the time, they have seen a fantastic scene or an amazing sunset and they try and capture this on their camera and end up disappointed when they find that either they have recorded the sky perfectly and have a black foreground or have a fantastic foreground and a completely white sky.

Ring any bells? Read on…

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Landscape photography and the art of timing – Kimmeridge…

Sunset at Kimmeridge in Dorset

Setting Sun – Kimmeridge

All of the photographs in this article have the same composition. They’ve all had the same, minimal post processing treatment and none of them have had any computer trickery applied to them – yet they all look completely different. As photographers, these days we have a whole host of information available to us that allows us to find excellent locations (such as flickr), find out which direction the sun will be rising and setting and tell us exactly what time this will be happening (my favourite is the Photographer’s Ephemeris). There’s one thing we can’t dictate though, and that’s the weather conditions you’ll experience when you turn up at your chosen location.

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Old John Star Trails and Star Fields at Bradgate Park, Leicester

Star Trails at Old John in Bradgate Park

Star Trails at Old John in Bradgate Park

Following on from my well received tutorial on Star Trails and Star Fields, and making the most of the clear skies we’d been having, I ventured back out with my good friend Mark Huddlestone over to Bradgate Park in Leicester in order to take some star trails and star fields around Old John.

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How to photograph star trails and star fields – Chesterton Windmill, Warwickshire

Chesterton Windmill Star Field

Star Fields at Chesterton Windmill – Photographed by Nick Tsiatinis

For today’s blog post I want to both share my photography from my star trails trip to Chesterton Windmill, and give a bit of a tutorial into how to get some of these shots for yourself. I personally believe there’s not much that’s more rewarding than capturing scenes that you wouldn’t always see with the naked eye – something a little bit different, and something that’s a little more technically challenging. There’s just something about astrophotography that appeals to me – maybe it’s the solitude whilst taking these photographs or maybe it’s getting that little glimpse into the universe that just reminds you there are all those other worlds out there, waiting to be explored…

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Late Summer Sunset Landscapes at Chesterton Windmill, Warwickshire

One Second Long Exposure at Chesterton Windmill

One Second at Chesterton Windmill – by Nick Tsiatinis

On a bit of a whim I decided to go out yesterday evening and visit a windmill I’d visited once before over in the small village of Chesterton, near Leamington Spa in order to indulge my passion for landscape photography. The weather wasn’t fantastic, but I wanted to get back over to the windmill and get a few photographs, and check it out for an upcoming project of mine…

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