Landscape Photography in Pernera, Cyprus – A well deserved holiday!

Sunrise in Pernera, Cyprus

It’s been a while since I last updated my blog. Personally, things haven’t been fantastic, which is why it was great to recently visit Cyprus and have two weeks in the sun. Naturally though, I wasn’t going to relax all of the time – so I took my camera along with me to see what I could get in the way of landscape photography and seascape photography whilst I was out there. Read on for more photographs!

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Landscape photography and the art of timing – Kimmeridge…

Sunset at Kimmeridge in Dorset

Setting Sun – Kimmeridge

All of the photographs in this article have the same composition. They’ve all had the same, minimal post processing treatment and none of them have had any computer trickery applied to them – yet they all look completely different. As photographers, these days we have a whole host of information available to us that allows us to find excellent locations (such as flickr), find out which direction the sun will be rising and setting and tell us exactly what time this will be happening (my favourite is the Photographer’s Ephemeris). There’s one thing we can’t dictate though, and that’s the weather conditions you’ll experience when you turn up at your chosen location.

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Porthcurno, West Cornwall Sunrise

After the previous evening at Priests Cove I returned to camp and checked out my maps to see where I would best be able to photograph a sunrise.

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Priests Cove, Cape Cornwall at Sunset [Multiple Images]

Priests Cove Sunset

Last weekend I packed my car and drove down to a village called St. Just which is near Lands End and Penzance in Cornwall.

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Durdle door – Dorset

Sunrise at Pernera, Cyprus

There’s not much better than watching the sun come up, and this shot, taken in the early hours of the morning in Pernera, Cyprus was one of the ones that summed up my holiday – beautiful and relaxing.