Star field photography – return to the Peckleton Tree!

Peckleton Tree Starfield - Landscape Orientation

Stars over the Peckleton Tree

This year I’ve decided to do a 365 (photo a day) project with the aim of improving my landscape photography as well as my portrait and other photography. This was my photograph for day 13. 

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How to photograph star trails and star fields – Chesterton Windmill, Warwickshire

Chesterton Windmill Star Field

Star Fields at Chesterton Windmill – Photographed by Nick Tsiatinis

For today’s blog post I want to both share my photography from my star trails trip to Chesterton Windmill, and give a bit of a tutorial into how to get some of these shots for yourself. I personally believe there’s not much that’s more rewarding than capturing scenes that you wouldn’t always see with the naked eye – something a little bit different, and something that’s a little more technically challenging. There’s just something about astrophotography that appeals to me – maybe it’s the solitude whilst taking these photographs or maybe it’s getting that little glimpse into the universe that just reminds you there are all those other worlds out there, waiting to be explored…

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Night time cityscapes at the Birmingham Bullring and City Hall

Light trails outside Selfridges at the Birmingham Bullring - Image (c) Nick Tsiatinis Photography. STRICTLY NO USE WITHOUT PERMISSION.

Light trails outside Selfridges at the Birmingham Bullring

On Wednesday, me and a couple of talented photographer friends (the excellent Justin Thompson and superb Mark Huddlestone) ventured into Birmingham to shoot some night-time cityscapes. For me, it was a chance to put some of the techniques I had learned at the ‘One Hour Photo’ shoot I had done with Lee Frost for Digital SLR Photography magazine back into practice – and it was a great excuse to get back out with the camera and photograph something a little different!

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