Amur Leopard on the Prowl

I love Amur Leopards, but it’s such a shame they’re so rare. Here is one of these lovely big cats, photographed at the Wildlife Heritage Foundation (WHF) Big Cat Sanctuary in Kent.

Squirrel Monkey on a Branch

A cute little squirrel monkey, sitting on a branch!

Amur Leopard – Amateur Photographer of the Year Runner Up!

I was recently delighted to discover that this photograph of a rare Amur Leopard was chosen as one of the runners up in the Amateur Photographer magazine ‘Photographer of the Year’ competition for the ‘Walk on the Wild Side’ round. It came 23rd and was published in the magazine, out of thousands of entries.

Sunset at Kimmeridge

During the summer I decided to spend a few days near Kimmeridge in Dorset. The first day I drove down it was raining all the way – however when I got there the sun came out and it was beating hot!

Due to this, I spent a nice few hours down by Old Harry Rocks capturing a nice summer sunset.