Nick Tsiatinis

None Fishing – Boats at Thornton Reservoir, Leicestershire

The fishing boats at Thornton Reservoir, Leicestershire.

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Puma at the Wildlife Heritage Foundation

This is Viktoria, one of the gorgeous Pumas at the Wildlife Heritage Foundation in Kent.

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Durdle door – Dorset

Make hay whilst the sun shines

What says summer more than a nice golden sunset and freshly bailled hay?

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Thirty seconds of reflection

This is the pumping station at Cropston Reservoir in Leicestershire.

Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t with me on my trip, but this meant I could use a strong Neutral Density filter to lengthen the exposure and smooth out the water. Lovely!

Chesterton Windmill

This unusual windmill is located in Chesterton, a small village near Warwick and Leamington Spa. It no longer functions as a working windmill, but is carefully maintained and looked after so it will be available for stunning scenic photography for years to come!

Castlerigg Stone Circle at Sunrise

This is Castlerigg Stone Circle at sunrise. Castlerigg lies just outside of Keswick in the Lake District and proves that there’s more to the region than (just) stunning water based scenery!

Boat on the shore at stormy Derwentwater!

This is another shot of the iconic boats on the shore at Derwentwater – this time the weather was quite stormy, which led to some lovely texture in the clouds!

Boat on the shore at Derwentwater, Keswick

If you’ve been to Keswick, you’ll know that this is one of the iconic images of Derwentwater – the little boats for hire, where people can take some time out and just relax on the water. Bliss!

Again, this photo was taken using a Canon 500D and 18-55mm kit lens, and again a 10 stop neutral density filter was employed to smooth the water, and remove any people from the shot.

Millennium Stone, Derwentwater, Keswick, Lake District

This is an old photograph from my first trip to the Lake District in September of 2009. This photograph of the Millennium Stone in Derwentwater was taken with a Canon 500D and 18-55mm kit lens. The smooth water was created by using a very dark filter which increased the length of time it took to take the photograph to around 20 seconds.

And no – I didn’t put the stone in there in Photoshop!