Outdoor Photography Magazine – Published Viewpoint!

5 minutes at Chesterton Windmill

Five Minutes at Chesterton Windmill

A couple of months ago I was contacted by the editor of Outdoor Photography magazine following a submission I had made a couple of months earlier. I was delighted to read that they wanted to commission me to write an article to accompany an image from a trip to Chesterton Windmill (which I have previously blogged about on this site) that they had chosen to go into their popular ‘Viewpoints’ section.

Naturally I was over the moon with this – Outdoor Photography is one of two magazines I subscribe to, is the magazine that appeals most to my passion as a photographer and ‘Viewpoints’ is always the section I look forward to when the magazine drops through my door!

I was commissioned to write 300 words on my trip, what inspired me, what the thought processes were etc. to go with the photograph. This was much harder than it sounds! Knowing the ‘Outdoor Photography’ magazine style meant I was constantly revising the text to try and make it as interesting as the articles that I’d read previously. Hopefully I achieved that!

The article has now been published, and is in the September issue of Outdoor Photography, available from all good newsagents!

Nick Tsiatinis - Outdoor Photography Viewpoints Chesterton Windmill

My article in the Outdoor Photography ‘Viewpoints’ Feature

(Incidentally, it’s reproduced small enough so you’ve got to go out and buy the magazine if you want to read it!)