Nick Tsiatinis LSINWP Successful Panel

Still – Derwentwater

Today is a proud day for me as I’ve just been awarded the LSINWP distinction from the SINWP, meaning that my landscape photography has been judged by a respected panel to be “of a professional standard and demonstrates your ability to create images of excellence” and worthy of the Licentiate of The Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers.

Naturally I’m completely delighted with this. I started out in my photography journey just over three years ago, with landscape photography being my driving passion. Over this time I’ve taken whatever opportunity I can to get out, visit new areas and capture new scenes and it’s a real honour that this has now been recognised by the awarding of the LSINWP distinction.

I joined the SWPP and SINWP late last year as a way to drive me on to improve my landscape photography, as well as my weddings and portrait work. Part of the motivation was to gain a distinction awarded by a panel of my peers – a way of showing that my photography was of a high, professional standard.

One of the ways in which you can work towards distinctions is by taking part in the free ‘mentor me’ program, where you put your panel of 20 images together and send it off to be mentored by a panel of judges. The aim is that they offer back constructive critique so that you can improve your work and get on the right path to earn the distinction.

So, the other week I finally bit the bullet and decided to put my panel together and see what experienced pros made of my photography. I spent a good few hours going through my photographs, deciding on what to include, deciding that it wasn’t good enough, choosing something else, going back to the original photo, including images to show diversity, removing images which were too similar… agonizing! This morning, just over a week after submitting my panel I received an A4 envelope through my door, headed up with a letter that stated that the judges had recommended my panel for immediate consideration for the qualification! Fantastic news!

Looking through the feedback, it was, on the whole, generally positive. One image which I quite liked had been singled out by a couple of the judges as being a weak link. Naturally this was disappointing, but I can see their points, and I’ll improve that kind of image in the future. Additionally, another of the judges had said that some of the skies could have been more interesting – again, I agree with this assessment, but sometimes you’re just limited with having to make the most of what you’ve got, and I’m of the mindset that you don’t go photoshopping skies in at a later date! However, I do agree with the judge, and I do love a dramatic sky, so I’ll be looking at improving that aspect for future panels!

So, without further ado, here’s the rest of the successful panel from Nick Tsiatinis LSINWP!

Setting Sun – Kimmeridge

Seljalandsfoss – Iceland

Milky Way over Old John – Bradgate Park

Chesterton Windmill Sunset

Stoned – Porth Nanven, Cornwall

Priest’s Cove – Cape Cornwall

Ashness Bridge – Keswick

Serenity – Derwentwater

Little Boat on the Shore – Derwentwater

Star Field over the Peckleton Tree

Make Hay Whilst The Sun Shines

Groby Pool Sunset – Leicestershire

Stanage Edge Millstones – Peak District

Stanage Edge Morning – Peak District

Bradgate Stream – Leicestershire

Good Morning – Pernera, Cyprus

Normanton Church, Rutland Water

Blue Lagoon – Iceland

Castlerigg Stone Circle – Keswick