An afternoon at Normanton Church, Rutland Water

Normanton Church, Rutland

At Christmas I was asked if I could deliver a photography tuition session as one lady wanted to give her other half a different kind of present. Obviously I was happy to oblige, and gratefully offered my services. A couple of weeks ago I received a phone call to schedule the session, and when the day came I headed off to Normanton Church at Rutland Water to teach a budding photographer the basics of landscape photography.

While I’ll be doing a thorough write-up on the photography training on my new site when it’s finished, I just wanted to share a few images of mine from the day.

Normanton Church is notoriously difficult to photograph well. I’ve seen numerous photographers try and fail to get an interesting perspective on the church, so I really wanted to get something nice – especially when training someone! As we got to the Church it became apparent that a wedding was taking place there, so we kept a respectful distance.

The shot above was taken whilst demonstrating the use of filters – a 3 stop hard grad was used over the sky to darken the numerous clouds, and the Lee Big Stopper was used over the whole image to stretch the exposure time to 30 seconds. The wedding car added to the atmosphere, and the coast was used as a natural lead-in line to draw the eye through the scene.

Normanton Church, Rutland

From there, and once the wedding had finished and the wedding party had left we got closer to the Church, where I demonstrated how using a wide angle lens can add some distortion to the scene and allow you to use a dramatic foreground, again leading to the main interest in the scene.

Come In, Number 44

Finally, and as the sun was going down, we spotted a few boats moored on the shore. This time we went for a longer focal length to compress the perspective in the scene and just focus on a single, specific part of the scene.

If you’re interested in photographic training, then get in touch!