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Review of 2010 – Suze and Matt

Today I was sitting at home thinking about the people who I have been privileged to photograph on the most important day of their lives, and thought it would be nice to do a little run down of some of the weddings I was photographer at in 2010. So, for the next few days I’ll be posting some of the weddings you may have seen before, but photographs you may not have seen. Today I start with Matt Slator and Suze Stooke who got married on July 3rd 2010.

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Suze and Matt Slator – The lads!

What’s one of the best things about photographing a wedding? It’s got to be the bit where you get the guys doing the ‘Reservoir Dogs’ walk. Yeah, so what if it’s cliche’d – the guys love it, and it makes for a great picture

Suze and Matt Slator – Hoby Church

Today I was privileged to photograph the wedding of Suze and Matt Slator at Hoby Church in Leicestershire.

They were an absolutely fantastic couple, always up for a laugh, and a cheesy photograph. So who am I to deny them that opportunity? 😀

Suze and Matt, I wish you all the best in your life together – you’re a fantastic couple!

Suze Stooke and Matt Slator – Wedding Rehearsal

Today I was delighted to be at the wedding rehearsal of Suze Stooke and Matt Slator at Hoby Church in Leicestershire. I’m proud to be photographing their wedding ceremony on Saturday, and took the opportunity to go along to the rehearsal today to familiarise myself with the church, and the available angles to take photographs.

If you want to book me for your wedding, please note that I do not charge extra to attend the rehearsal – for me, I consider it an important part of ensuring you get the photographs you want on your big day and so I’ll always try and attend (time permitting) if you’re having a rehearsal!

Just as an aside – the bride to be saw this photograph on my camera’s LCD and has asked for me to supply it in the finished package… so who says you only have to have photographs taken on the day as part of your memories? 🙂