Amy and John Wootton – The Happy Couple

A nice, close up portrait of the happy couple. Who says you always need to have full-length shots?

Amy and John Wootton – Candids Part 3

Of course, candid shots aren’t just there to capture people doing funny stuff – they’re also quite useful for capturing nice, natural portraits of the guests!

Amy and John Wootton – Candids Part 2

Another example of having the camera ready at the right time to capture the right moment at a wedding. This little guy didn’t know I was even there, until it was too late!

Amy and John Wootton – Candids Part 1

It’s always fun taking candids at a wedding – being there with the camera at just the right time always manages to produce some fun results – like on this occasion where two of the bridesmaids just thought they would have a little downtime 🙂

Amy & John Wootton – Wedding, Hanbury Manor

Amy and John, in Black & White with a slight selective colouring