Guildford Wedding Photographer – Lisa Cox & John Box – Gate Street Barn


This is a wedding that I had been looking forward to for a while – the wedding of Lisa Cox and John Box, in Guildford on the 24th of July 2011. From the moment Lisa had got in touch and from the time I first saw the locations that a) Lisa was getting ready in and b) they were getting married at I couldn’t wait for this day to come!

This day also marked the first occasion I’d be working with my own personal assistant – my good friend Will Graham from – who had kindly volunteered to come along, carry my kit, and get a few shots of his own throughout the day.

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Upcoming wedding – Gate Street Barn, Guildford

Today I drove down to Guildford to meet Lisa and John. In three weeks I’m shooting their wedding, so we all thought it would be a good idea to get together, visit the venues and chat through what they wanted from their photographs.

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